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Knowing More About the Return to Duty SAP Process

When you are working in some industries, then you are most likely asked to submit to such alcohol and also drug screenings as asked by the DOT or the Department of Transportation. You have to understand that the DOT is actually one federal department which is overseeing the federal laws which govern every particular agency.

When you are testing positive or you are not going to take such drug or alcohol screen test for such DOT regulated employment position, then you are going to be released at once from duty and you cannot then return to the field of work where you have been assigned until you are able to successfully complete such approved return to duty program by the DOT.

You must understand that the return to duty SAP process is necessary when the DOT regulated safety-sensitive workers is actually found out to have violated the DOT mandated alcohol or drug test. The violation would actually take place if an employee fails the mandated DOT drug test for a certain prohibited substance or is actually refusing to take the test. When there is a violation, then the employee should at once be removed from such safety-sensitive duties or functions and must be able to successfully accomplish such program which Return to Duty SAP process to be able to achieve eligibility and return to such safety-sensitive duty for a future or previous employer.

Know that the Return to Duty Process starts with such personal substance abuse evaluation which is done by the SAP or the Substance Abuse Professional who has actually met the credential and also the training requirements set by the DOT or the Department of Transportation. The SAP should make treatment or the education recommendations for the employee. When the employee has already complied with the recommendations, then there is such follow-up face-to-face evaluation of the DOT SAP which is scheduled with the similar SAP. According to the follow-up evaluation, the SAP is going to issue such written determination of the eligibility or the ineligibility of the employee to do such safety sensitive job.

The eligibility status of the employee is actually contingent upon the negative DOT return to the duty test results. The decision in hiring or returning such eligible employee to work is at the employer’s discretion. If there is that violation of the drug and also alcohol testing rules, then the employers are being asked to provide every employee, that would include the applicants and also new employees, who is actually in violation with such listing of readily available SAPs which would include the addresses, the names and also the telephone numbers.

There is an organization which maintain the DOT qualified SAPs nationwide network who are ready and also available for such service. So that you can get more information regarding the SAP process or for you to learn more about how such company can offer your employees or business an access to a local SAP, then you will just have to contact them.

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