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Types of Self-Storage Facilities for Your Different Needs

A self-storage facility is one where you can store all kinds of goods, from books to boats, in exchange for rent for a certain period of time. They offer many different features, such as individual locking systems, 24/7 surveillance and climate control, among others.

And as these facilities provide for an entire variety of needs, they are also made for different storage types. There are reasonably small storage units like the size of a cupboard, which is usually used to keep personal documents and similarly sized items. In addition, units solely for housing huge volumes of business or office documents are commonly offered in self-storage facilities.

A regular self-storage unit is intended for any business and personal goods having no particular climate-related requirements such as humidity level and temperature. It gives good protection for your stuff not having to drain your wallet. But even with the low rates, security can still be guaranteed long as you’ve picked a well-reputed facility. Definitely, you will get a key to your unit, and again, if you chose a good facility, only you will be able to open it.

On the other hand, there are climate controlled self-storage units. It’s just like a common storage unit with the addition of the climate advantage. This storage type is pricier, but that’s nothing compared to preserving those climate-sensitive hundred-year-old books, property titles or and the like.

Furniture storage units are often the size of a regular room and are intended for storing antique furniture or items that will not be used when someone is moving to another place. And then you have garage storage units for motor vehicles. Like the others, these units are generally well-secured to keep the contents protected against dust and damage. Some of these units can be found near airports, and people usually leave their cars here while spending a few weeks time out of town. Garage spaces can also be huge enough to accommodate bigger vehicles, such as RVs. So if you own an RV but not space where you can park it, you can rent one of these units. You can leave your RV there and just get it when it’s time to hit the road. Similar units are also reserved for boat storage, and these are often located near ports.

Regardless of the type of self-storage unit you need, pick a facility that gives you enough space, security, and privacy, and, if necessary, climate control – all at an affordable cost. Just a quick research online can save you from pricey headaches in the future.

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