How To Make A Pineapple Smoothie

Pineapple Smoothie


Pineapple Smoothie

Don’t you just love Ananas Cosomus? Maybe you know it by the more common name: pineapple! Pineapple is a common tropical plant and fruit that is delicious and nutritious. This versatile fruit is widely marketed because of its many uses. It can be eaten fresh and is used in many desserts, such as pineapple upsidedown cake and baked pineapple. Its uses don’t just stop there; it’s also used in salads to brighten them up with a little sweetness and acidity. Some people love to throw pineapple in sweet and savory or sweet and sour dishes because its sweetness and acidity can balance out saltiness, bitterness, or spice. For some, it’s a staple with dishes like ham or even put on pizza as a topping.

Pineapples are found fresh at the produce stands, canned, preserved in jars, in concentrated juice form, frozen, and dried. No matter what the preparation can be, one thing that makes pineapple a delectable fruit ever is its sweet taste.

About pineapples

This fruit that is native to South America is so popular not just when summer strikes but also in different seasons. This colorful, original, and tangy-sweet fruit is commonly described as multiple fruits. It is developed from several small fruits that are fused together by a middle core. The inner part usually contains the juice that can be extracted. The flesh part of the fruit is creamy white to yellow in color. The fruit is wrapped with a rough, scaly, and tough peel that varies in color. It can be dark green, orange, red, or yellow to the eyes. The fruit usually measures from 812 inches long and weighs from 18 pounds or greater.

Pineapple is believed to contain various essential nutrients and provide health benefits too. The fruit contains significant amounts of Vitamins B and C that are good for immune functioning and in fighting off infections. It does provide minerals such as Manganese, Potassium, and Fiber that are good for digestion. This fruit also acts as an antioxidant that fights against free radicals that damage the cells and continue to give toxins.

Yummy Pineapple!

Because of the significant health contributions that Pineapple offers, it’s not surprising many healthconscious people make it a regular part of their diet. One great way to bring the flavor and benefits of pineapples into your diet is to make them into a smoothie, which you can have for breakfast, with a meal, or as a delicious snack.

Some people are a bit intimidated by the whole, fresh pineapples, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from putting it into your smoothie. It’s easy!


  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Orange juice
  • Milk


  1. Take a fresh, ripe pineapple and put it in the refrigerator for an hour, upside-down. Cut off the leaves and slice about 1/4 inch off the top and bottom ends. Stand the pineapple up on its end, and slice off the edges, trying to take off the hard, brown skin and not the juicy yellow.
  2. Lay the pineapple on its side and cut it into slices. Remove the center with a small knife, or a small, round cookie cutter. Discard the centers, and you can cut the remaining flesh into chunks.
  3. Put 1/2 cup of pineapple chunks into your blender. Add 1/2 cup of mango chunks, 1/3 cup of orange juice, and 1/2 cup of milk.
  4. Blend until the fruits are thoroughly pureed. Add a little more juice or water if the consistency is too thick; thin it out little by little until you’re happy with it.


You don’t have to use mango with the pineapple. You have a lot of other fruits to choose from. If you like pineapple and mango together, don’t think you have to stop there– you can throw other fruits into the mix. Try adding strawberries, cherries, or even watermelon chunks. Instead of orange juice, try peach nectar or grapefruit juice.

Mix and match the flavors as you like, and enjoy!

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