How To Make Homemade Almonds Butter


making almond butter

Almonds belong to a group of nuts that have been recognized since ancient times. History tells us that prehistoric almonds have been cultivated in places like Assyria, Greece, and Persia. Early people termed it as Nuts and have been used assource of their daily subsistence. Almonds are usually grown in warm climates in different parts of the world.


One common derivative of almonds is almond butter.

A lot of people will buy almond butter in supermarkets, and as you can imagine it can be costly. The bigger problem is that you can never be sure of the quality. An easy solution to ensure you’re getting the best almond butter for your money is to make it yourself, at home.

What is Almond Butter?


Almond butter is like peanut butterinstead of made with peanuts, though, it’s made with (as the name indicates) almonds.

This butter is a mildly sweet butter that is typically used as bread or cracker spreads which makes it one of the most popular substitutes for peanut butter. Almond butter is starting to gain acceptance and popularity for different purposes. It is versatile enough that it can be even used as a base for dips, sauces, and soups. You can also cook with itit makes wonderful cookies, cakes, and sauces!

This spreadable butter typically comes in a jar or a plastic container. You can notice that the butter settles at the bottom while the oils rest above it. This is what an unprocessed almond butter looks like. You just need to stir the components together to give you a delicious and nutrients rich butter.

Nutrition of Almonds

Almonds are very rich in protein and unsaturated fats. They are filled with essential nutrients and contain no cholesterol or fats. In fact, almond butter can be safely taken by individuals with heart problems. It is also highly encouraged to take this kind of butter because of its ability to decrease the risk of heart disease. Some of the nutrients and minerals that almonds contain are calcium, vitamins, magnesium, protein, and many more. It is not surprising why more and more people are using almonds butter.

The Process of Making Almond Butter


  1. In making homemade almond butter, the things that you need are fresh almonds, a cookie sheet, a blender or processor, andcontainer.
  2. The first thing that you need to do is to shell the almonds. You can find available shelled almonds in order to save time and lessen your workload.
  3. After shelling, spread the almonds on a cookie sheet and place them in a 350-degree oven. Closely watch the almonds and regularly shake the pan to move them around so they don’t burn. Do this until the almonds are evenly roasted and lightly brown in color.
  4. Let the almonds cool, then place them in a food processor to pulse and grind them into small bits.
  5. If you do not have a food processor, you can use a sturdy blender, but you should only add a couple of tablespoons of almonds at a time so you don’t seize up your machine. Start the blender on slow speed, and when they’re broken in small bits.
  6. Increase the speed of your food processor or blender to turn the almonds into a pastelike consistency. Continue on blending until you get the consistency that you desire, which should be thick and buttery.
  7. Once you’re done, transfer the buttered almonds to a container. You will need to refrigerate your butter. Just stir before serving.

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