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Electric Wok


electric wok

One of the cooking tools that Asians are known for is the wok. A traditional wok is a bowl shape that has high sides and round bottom. This way, the bottom portion heats to the fullest while the sides vary in temperature. It’s really an ingenious creation that’s been used for ages.

A wok is usually used for cooking foods at high temperatures. A traditional round bottom wok is the one used in many Asian countries because its shape conforms to the needs of the chef. It gives the user the ability to control the speed of cooking. Many chefs and home cooks are still using the traditional wok in Asia, and anywhere Asian food is made. If you’ve ever been to a Chinese restaurant in which you can see the chef, you’ll probably notice the wok over high flames with delicious foods being furiously tossed in it.

FlatBottom Wok

Flat bottom woks were also created in order to allow using them in American burners. Most of the American stove owners find it hard using a traditional round wok because it does not fit well and there’s no stability. Although the problem of stability has been remedied, another cooking problem also aroused because of the uneven heating. In addition to this, flat bottom woks do not permit adequate and effective stirring because of the creases.

In order to remedy the problem, a wok cooking ring has been introduced to properly fit a round bottom wok using an American type of stoves.

Electric Woks

Another innovative solution to the problem of using a flat bottom wok is the introduction of electric woks. Electric woks are woks plus stove in one. It has a built-in heating element that makes it unnecessary to use the stove. This is much similar to an electric skillet or an electric heater where the only thing that you need to do is to plug the cord. The built-in heating unit serves as the bottom foundation of the wok. It does not anymore need an external electrical outlet source.

One of the best things about an electric wok is that they give you anextra burnerbecause they don’t take up precious space on your stove. This can come in really handy on the holidays.

It’s especially ideal if you don’t have a stoveif you live in a dorm or if your stove is temporarily out of service.

If your stove doesn’t get up to adequate wok temperatures, an electric wok can be a great solutionyou can get that great wok cooking without worrying about your stove’s heating elements.

An electric wok is just one innovative invention of the modern era. The touch of technology has been truly reflected in it. Electric woks can offer several benefits compared to conventional ones. If you are planning to buy one, here is a good guide for you.

Purchasing an Electric Wok

If you wish to buy an electric wok, you need to choose the nonsticky one. Most often, nonstick electric woks are generally used in order to avoid ruining the fried foods and other sticking potential foods. Most of the electric woks come with glass covers while others are metal. Depending on your discretion but glass covers will allow you to see through the progress of your cooking without attempting to open it just to check out. Metal covers on the other hand offer durability.

Electric woks also come in different sizes. Most people prefer bigger sizes especially the Asian chefs as it is convenient to use. For home cooking with less number of heads, small electric woks will do. Another consideration is the control panel; it is advisable to choose an electric wok that offers the complete temperature heating needs.

There are different kinds of electric woks made by different manufacturers; it is suggested to read the product reviews or ask someone who has it already for feedback.

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